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Parshuram Khawle (Co-founder)

Innovation is the word that defines Parshuram. He is a total tech freak but his innovation does not restrict to technology.

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He undertook various project in M.L.Dahanukar College where he just completed his graduation, some of which are Commercio Magazine, Career Training and MLDCC incubation cell. His landmark achievement was designing an app for his college which currently has 3000+ downloads and Playstore rating of 4.6 out of 5. For his remarkable contribution to M.L.Dahanukar College he was awarded Best Student in 2016.

His out of the box ideas, imagination and convincing skills are much needed in entrepreneurs today. No wonder he has his own start up called “Classesexpert.com” that will help students in assessing various coaching classes on different parameters. He always says “Agar Kuch Karna Hi Hai Toh Bada Karenge”. He dreams big and it is what lead him to initiate an enormous project like Book Share India. “It is always exciting to work with a team of brilliant people to develop a product that will contribute to society. At Book Share India we work with this excitement and passion. “

Manasvi Wadhwa (Co-founder)

She is a Chartered Accountant working for a prominent financial services company. Sometimes you can't let go of your dreams despite being tied up with other commitments.

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That's what happened with Manasvi! "Since college, I wished I could do something for the society. Commitments increased, priorities changed. However you can never be at peace till the time you live your dream. Bookshareindia is that long lost dream for me! Thanks to my cofounders who believed in it and made Bookshareindia a reality!

Kritika Verma (Co-founder)

She is a working professional with one of the best Credit Rating Agencies in India. Being an MBA in Finance, words like Equity and Debt surrounds her current profile and past professional experiences.

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A good speaker is not someone who can make a good speech and present it, but the one who can change her speaking and managerial style depending on her audience. That is Kritika’s USP, an ability to tackle different personalities which amuses people.

“I feel there are three kinds of people in this world; some who accept anything and everything, some who just complaint and the rest who wish to come ahead and bring a Change. ‘BookShareIndia’ is that change which I wish to contribute towards the society.”

Neeti Choudhari

She handles the social media accounts of BookShareIndia. A quiet girl with a huge hidden quota of coolness is what Neeti is. You name it. She has read it. A wonderful person she is probably the best BookShareIndia has seen.

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Efficient, Hardworking and intelligent. She also graduated from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We are not lying.

“I believe actions speak louder than words and everyone at BSI has been all about that. They are a great bunch of people working for a great cause.”


He is our Finance Executive. He is a student of M.L.Dahanukar College of commerce.His book keeping and record maintaining skills are excellent. A highly disciplined guy, our team has ever seen.

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His playlist contains typical inspirational movie songs (‘Lakshya’ being most frequent). What differs him most is his loyalty, honesty and innocence. And of course his punctuality (He is never late).

“BookShareIndia is a brand that I strongly believe in! It can help millions. From learning perspective, BookShareIndia is an amazing platform since it gives you a way to understand the hurdles one faces in initial stages of brand building and also managing them within the budgetary constraint and the regulated environment”

Veena Janaj

She is a third year mass media student in M.L.Dahanukar College of commerce who believes ‘what you read shapes the person you become’. She has always believed that education solves most problems we face today (But she believes pizza solves them too).

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She is a marketing executive at BookShareIndia, coming from a family of teachers she is a perfect fit to market the need for education.

“There are so many people out there who don’t know the importance of education. I believe that’s worse than not being able to afford education. Through BookShareIndia I have met such people and changed their perspectives. That’s a beautiful feeling.”

Atul Gupta

He works with a multinational software firm. He has developed the Andriod App of Book Share India and works on providing great user experience on all platforms.

Ganesh Thampi

He handles coordination of the team and tasks. What he adds to the team is his creativity and innovative thinking. An indie rock fan, he has excellent taste in music and movies.

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Book Share India is a group of individuals trying to do some good in the world and their conviction gives me faith in the project.

Jay Kapoor

He is a Third year Management student who is a sports enthusiast and a photographer. He likes managing events. He handles Coordination of team and also does management work of any event of Book Share India. He believes that change is permanent.

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“It takes only one person to bring a change “. Book Share India is a project which aims to bring a change and being a part of this project makes me feel happy.

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