Innovating Customer Communication Chat bots is one of the trending technologies of 2018. The reason for same is its uses in sales and marketing automation and with our product “Applichat”, you will not just do this but it will actually innovate the customer communication experiences.

In Details:
Let us begin by understanding what exactly is Chatbot? A chatbot is a program that will interact through chat with our customer using intelligence like robots have. As an entrepreneur, one has to interact with customers to market and sell your product or to solve their queries and address their complaints. Individually, you can handle only one customer at a time. If you wish to sell or you have already sold 1000 units of your product, you will need a dedicated team to handle the customer communication, which is a costly affair. But with the help of Chatbot, you can reduce this cost by more than 50%. There are any questions which customers can come up with and whose reply can be automated with Chatbot. For example, "How can I cancel my order", "What is my refund status?". If the customer asks something new, then the Chatbot will reply with "Sorry" or else the chat will redirect to a real person. Currently. many banks are using chatbots to display bank balance, provide a bank statement or market new products over chat. So, If you are a bank, restaurant or any other business wherein marketing or support service is required, you can consider having a chatbot. Further as far as its comparison with a traditional method is concerned, 46% of customers prefer real-time chats, according to a survey by J. D. Power.